APRIL 14, 1997

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Meneghini speaks after resignation

Joe Meneghini

Joe Meneghini, shortly after he took over the reins as Woodinville City Manager.
Northwest News file photo.

Joe Meneghini by Andrew Walgamott, staff reporter
Several days after Woodinville City Manager Joe Meneghini gave his resignation to the city council, he talked about his four-year tenure with the city.
   Meneghini, city manager since May 1993, said Woodinville was in fine shape for the future and described the staff at City Hall as the best he'd worked with in 25 years in the management profession. Meneghini also credited incorporation as a key solution to fulfilling area needs. "Because of the city, we've been able to focus on local needs," he said.
   On city operations, he was positive. "By and large, we've been successful. Services are more focused to local needs, more in line than five or six years ago in an unincorporated area," Meneghini said.
   His list of city accomplishments included contracts with King County for specialty services such as community police and plans the city has approved for future development. "The city adopted its first comprehensive plan. Hopefully we have a document for the years ahead," Meneghini said.
   He said the city has also started to address traffic issues such as congestion points and circulation problems. "It's nothing that can be resolved in one year, four or 10, because of the size and extent of traffic problems," he said. The city will need to focus on it as a continual, regional issue.
   "We've got our first adopted Capital Improvement Plan," Meneghini added, and said the program would help address traffic problems in Woodinville.
   Flooding problems have also been pinned down and addressed. "You think about the storm water, flooding problems that have been going on for decades. But now we know the origin sources. It may take three or four years ... but clearly two or three years out, folks are going to look back and say, wow, things do get done."
   Meneghini also spoke of the "prudent management of the city treasury, which is after all the community treasury," and how through fiscal management, projects have been done with funds on hand. "We're doing more with less, and doing a good job to boot," he said.
   "It's a very open city hall. It's a good community. The road ahead ... will simply get better," said Meneghini. "They're on the right road."
   Of his years in city hall, he said, "It's been a big job. I'll be looking to my challenges ahead in the field."