APRIL 14, 1997

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Local News

Hungry kids need help

Brown Bag Coin Drive The Multi-Service Center of North and East King County is gearing up to help feed Northshore-area school children over the summer months by raising money through its annual Brown Bag Coin Drive, aimed at feeding poor children who frequently go hungry during summer.
   Money collected during the coin drive will be used by the Multi-Service Centers to maintain adequate food supplies in the agency's Bothell food bank during the summer when donations are down and demand is up. The money also will be used to help Northshore-area families avoid other crises, including homelessness which can happen when parents are forced to choose between paying the rent and buying extra food for their children and paying for additional daycare.
   The coin drive starts in the schools in mid-April and continues until the end of the school year. The campaign will be directed toward the community in early to mid May. For more information, call 869-6022.