APRIL 14, 1997

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C.P. Johnson awards

award recipients

(Left to right) Jason Heino, Bear Creek; Ian Warner, Cottage Lake; and Stephanie Olson, Bear Creek, were among the students honored. A picture of Mr. Johnson is in the background.

C.P. Johnson awards The winners of this year's C.P. Johnson awards were honored last week. The award, which has been presented annually since 1989, recognizes two students from each school in the Northshore School District who exemplify humanitarianism.

Canyon Creek: Michelle Eiseman and Greg Hanshaw
Crystal Springs: Todd Rubie and Shannon Meldrum
Fernwood: Sowmya Joisa and Rebecca Christian
Kokanee: Richelle Jerez and Steven Yang
Skyview Junior High: Francis "Ruth" Olson and Chere Ripley
Arrowhead: Dan Sullivan and Adrienne Wickland
Frank Love: Daniel Pope and Michelle Webster
Kenmore: Emily Hieber and B.J. Kim
Lockwood: Mark Bradshaw and Kira Messegee
Shelton View: Chris Denton and Jon Eastman
Westhill: Miranda Savory and Allison Staley
Kenmore Junior High: Charissa Thompson and Greg Young
Maywood Hills: Vasa Seymour and Amanda Wallulis
Wellington: Megan Lally and Sandra Palo
Woodin: Matt Dyer and Trina Singer
Canyon Park Junior High: Joaquin Rodriguez and Kristin Singer
Leota Junior High: Shelly Martin and Trent Neugebauer
Bothell High School: Felicity Abeyta, Melanie Hill, and Tom Hudson
W.A. Anderson: Cara N. Beauregard and Scot Springberg
Woodinville High School: Rodney James Anderson and Keri Lynn Baker
Moorlands: Brianne Anderson and Mathew Stanford
Woodmoor: Erin Bakke and John Viet Vo
Northshore Junior High: Gabriel Nochlin and Adrianna Jenkins
Inglemoor High School: Chanda Hall and Tom Robertson
Bear Creek: Jason Heino and Stephanie Olson
Cottage Lake: Andrea Sandvig and Ian Warner
East Ridge: Bryce Thomas and Maarit Wallenius
Hollywood Hill: Jessica Helbock and Stephen Veres
Sunrise: Tyler Forrest and Britt Redick