APRIL 21, 1997

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Lowell-Hunt Catering opens in Woodinville

Lowell & Hunt

Jonathon Hunt and Russell Lowell of Lowell-Hunt Catering.

Lowell-Hunt Catering Upscale, creative, entertaining, and enthusiastic is how Lowell-Hunt Catering is described. Looking for an Eastside site, they found Hollywood in Woodinville.
   Their new kitchen is operating; the counters are in; the staff is working; and the doors will open at 11 a.m. this Wednesday at the north end of the Hollywood Schoolhouse parking lot. The building formerly housed Hollywood Produce.
   Open to the public, Lowell-Hunt offers casual dining, their own blend of Tully's coffee, their own brand of canned goods, jams, rose petal syrup, seasonings, pickled garlic, as well as their signature Texas horn tip opener selling for $90. There will be no menu, meatballs, hamburgers, or french fries.
   "We will be open daily at 6 a.m. Anyone who comes in will enjoy the food we are cooking that day," said Russell Lowell as he prepared for a Tacoma Junior League event. His menu included cajun beef carpacio crostinis with papaya salsa, grilled open face lamb sandwiches with fresh arugla, yellow tomatoes and kalamata aioli, crab cakes with roast red pepper aioli, and much more.
   Russell Lowell and Jonathon Hunt are well-known to Microsoft executives, corporations, fund-raising groups, and others for being able to provide not only interesting menus and all the details, but for staging one-of-a-kind events.
   At their signature Elk Camp, they cater an elegant five-course, wild game meal prepared and served in a large tent set up outdoors. The tent opening is adorned by elk antlers. White linen-draped tables are set with candles, silver, and crystal.
   Lowell and Hunt both started cooking at age 15. They met when Lowell was the chief chef at Daniel's Broiler. He hired Hunt because "he could cook eggs." Going different directions, the two came together again in 1994 and started their business. They catered a Poncho procurement party at the Port of Seattle in January 1995 and have been busy ever since, catering up to eight parties a day.
   "We catered 105 parties the first 23 days of December," said Craig S. McCrone, general manager. Many of those were on the Eastside.
   "It took two hours to cross the bridge," said Lowell. Their main location is at 425 Pontius Avenue North in Seattle where they are open for lunch only and offer cooking classes.
   "People of Woodinville, get ready!" said Hunt.
   "Every party is important. We go the extra step in making every party fun," said Lowell.