APRIL 21, 1997

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What is happening at Woodinville City Hall?

Woodinville April 18, 1997, was Joe Meneghini's last day as Woodinville's first official City Manager. It was reported that he "resigned." The aftermath of that announcement resulted in more questions than answers about his "resignation," and there are questions about how some of our city councilmembers may be orchestrating Woodinville's future.
   Meneghini was hired after an extensive and expensive nationwide search and is credited with outstanding leadership in taking Woodinville from a new city to a vital and prosperous community. He hired many competent city staff and led them through the formation of new city departments that provide services to the community.
   It can be said that city managers have a life cycle with cities and their jobs are subject to council relationships. But what happened in Woodinville? The community would like to know. Meneghini had excellent reviews.
   Mayor Bob Miller stated that "Woodinville needs a new direction." Doesn't the council decide that direction and instruct the city manager to follow their guidelines?
   Why are some councilmembers so upset about this "resignation?"
   What happened in the executive session that resulted in Meneghini's resignation?
   Why did this happen when the city is working so hard to come up with money for the purchase of the C.O. Sorenson property? Getting a new city manager is expensive.
   Is this tied to any land use, development, power play, or other issue?
   When Woodinville incorporated, it was the hope of the people to bring local control and issues to the forefront: Open and honest government. It is time for citizens to take a strong interest in what is happening in their community, ask questions, demand answers, and encourage more to participate in local government.