APRIL 21, 1997

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City Council approves trash collection event

trash collection by Andrew Walgamott, staff reporter
The Woodinville City Council has authorized a special one-day trash collection event slated for October, the third year Woodinville will hold the cleanup, according to Recycling Coordinator Deborah Knight.
   Items not usually picked up in curbside collection, such as bulky yard waste, appliances, metals, textiles, petroleum products, and tires, will be accepted during the event, Knight said.
   "Typically, we do this in the spring," she said, but added that because the city had distributed compost bins this spring, the event had been moved to the fall.
   Knight said the program was completely funded with grants totaling $13,803. King County Solid Waste Division's City Optional Program threw in $5,329, and $8,474 comes from the King County Department of Public Health's Local Hazardous Waste Management Program.
   Pacific Energy Institute has been hired to promote and manage the event, tentatively set for Oct. 25, at the Metro Park & Ride on 140th Avenue NE, according to Knight. Flyers will be distributed in mailings, and the event will be publicized through local newspapers. Pacific will also arrange for collectors and recyclers to take away the material dropped at the event. Pacific has been involved all three years of the event.
   Knight said that last year, 306 carloads of material were brought in, including 42 cubic yards of scrap wood and 40 of bulky yard waste, 11 refrigerators and freezers, 150 gallons of antifreeze, 59 batteries, 350 gallons of used petroleum products, 226 tires, and 61 used oil filters.