APRIL 21, 1997

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Northshore & Lower Snoqualmie Weather Report

Tuesday, April 22 - Sunday, April 27, 1997

weather report by Meteorologist Larry Schick

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rainy rainy sunny sunny partly rainy

Forecast: After Tuesday's soggy weather, it will really feel like spring the rest of the week. Although Wednesday will see a few showers and even a chance of a thundershower, expect plenty of sunshine--and that's just the beginning. Thursday, Friday, and part of Saturday should be nice as high pressure builds in strongly. With the longer days now, you can play or work outside in the evening. The clouds will increase late Saturday and lead to cooler weather Sunday and a chance of rain.

Weather Question of the Week: What does a 30% chance of rain mean?

Answer: There is a lot of confusion about the use of percentages in weather forecasting. It does NOT mean it will rain over 30% of the forecast area, or there is a 30% chance it will rain within the forecast area. A forecaster may think there is a high likelihood of some rain but a small chance it will hit any specific spot. This happens when there are scattered showers in the forecast. What it does mean is that there is a 3 out of 10 chance that any random spot in the forecast area, like your home, will get rain.