APRIL 21, 1997

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Local News

Highway chase ends in Bothell

car chase by Andrew Walgamott, staff reporter
An Everett shooting suspect was found under a camper in the 17000 block of West Riverside Drive in Bothell by a King County K-9 unit after a highway chase ended nearby last Wednesday night.
   The suspect, a 35-year-old Marysville man, was turned over to Everett Police and booked into Snohomish County Jail for investigation of first-degree assault and eluding officers. The man had led a number of police agencies on a high speed chase through Everett, south on I-5 and I-405, and into Bothell.
   The incident began around 9:06 p.m. when the man called his girlfriend and demanded that she come home, according to Everett Police media relations officer, Elliot Woodall. When she refused, he allegedly got his guns and drove to where the woman was visiting relatives in the 900 block of 52nd Street SE in Everett and fired one shot from a high-powered rifle. He left the scene in a 1960s green Chevy truck, but Everett police officers spotted him and attempted a stop.
   The man eluded the officers and took off through the streets of Everett at speeds of 50-70 miles an hour, according to Woodall. Near the Broadway on-ramp to I-5, the truck struck a traffic barrier, causing an oil leak and a smoky engine. "It made him relatively easy to follow," Woodall said.
   Pursuit continued on and off I-5 and I-405 by the Everett police, Snohomish County Sheriff, and the Washington State Patrol until the suspect turned onto the NE 195th Street exit in Bothell. Unfortunately for him, he drove into a bee's nest of officers, as the Bothell Police Department was going through a shift change at the time.
   "The timing was probably not the best for the suspect. But from the police perspective, you couldn't ask for better timing," said Captain Bob Woolverton, Bothell public relations officer.
   The man drove down Beardslee Boulevard to Main Street and went south on 102nd Avenue NE to West Riverside Drive, where he turned west onto the dead-end road. The vehicle left the roadway in the 17400 block of West Riverside Drive, landing in a marshy area, according to Woolverton. The man abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot, discarding his hat and shirt. Two rifles were found in his vehicle.
   "Once he was stopped, he didn't have much of a chance to get out of containment," Woodall said. While Bothell police formed a perimeter, a K-9 unit went in. The man was found hiding under a camper four blocks away and was arrested without incident. There were no injuries or accidents during the pursuit.