APRIL 21, 1997

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Local News

'Drop, Cover, Hold' drill returns

'Drop, Cover, Hold' drill Public and private agencies will emphasize preparedness for any hazard in the "Prepare...Because You Care" campaign featuring a statewide "Drop, Cover, and Hold" Drill April 24. During the drill, broadcasters around the state will transmit a message encouraging listeners to stop and take the appropriate earthquake safety action. Washington residents are asked to turn their radios on at 9:45 a.m. on April 24 to hear the Emergency Alert System that will start the drill.
   Another feature of this year's campaign will be the introduction of an Emergency Response Card for use after the disaster. The card contains vital information for insurance, medications, and personal data. The goal is for every state resident to carry this bright neon green card. Call 1-800-562-6108, ext. 4551 for more information.