APRIL 21, 1997

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Wheelchair dancers perform

wheelchair dancer

PE teacher Cheryl McDavid and Josh Niklason.

wheelchair dancers Students and staff at Bear Creek Elementary were recently treated to a display of dance that was a little out of the ordinary. Many of the dancers spun to the music while seated in wheelchairs. Light Motion is a dance company that works to enhance community awareness of disability issues through the arts.
   Dancers Charlene Curtiss and Joanne Petraff worked with kids for for one week going over many of the subtleties of not limiting oneself. Student Josh Niklason brought his racing wheelchair for the day, while local business Care Medical donated 3 wheelchairs. Inclusion, Northshore's policy of placing special-ed students in mainstream classes, took on new meaning, as the event showed ways that children with physical disabilities can enrich those around them.
   PE teacher Cheryl McDavid and music teacher Elaine Hoffman spearheaded the event, and Northshore School District, King County Arts Commission, and Teen Northshore sponsored the program.