APRIL 28, 1997

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Tourism Week in Woodinville

Tourism Week Woodinville is being promoted as a tourist destination throughout Washington and beyond in a new campaign which includes an official proclamation of Tourism Week by the Woodinville City Council.
   Showcasing the campaign is an original watercolor vista of hot air balloons with Mt. Rainier in the background. The image, representative of attractions and recreational activities in the area, will be used on brochures, advertisements, and directories. The ads and brochures will be placed in approximately 300 visitor locations throughout Puget Sound.
   The Woodinville Tourism Partnership also announced plans to observe National Tourism Week in Woodinville the week of May 4-10. Woodinville will be observing Tourist Week to emphasize the economic, social, and cultural impact visitors have on the city, according to a press release.
   "National Tourism Week is a time for Woodinville to focus on the impact on the impact of travel and tourism in our area," said Brenda Vanderloop, Director of Tourism for Woodinville.
   Visitors to King County spent over $2.5 million dollars last year, according to the Seattle-King County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Visitors generate millions in state and local taxes.
   "The dollars spent by visitors have strengthened Woodinville's economy by creating jobs, supporting local businesses from gas stations to retail stores, and creating greater tax revenues to support our community," said Vanderloop.
   Mayor Bob Miller is expected to sign a proclamation declaring May 4-10 National Tourism Week in Woodinville at the April 28 city council meeting. May 7 is National Tourist Appreciation Day. The proclamation will be presented to the Tourism Committee May 7 at 11 am in City Hall. From 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., there will be a brown bag visitor service training seminar for all business owners and employees. Citizens can also pick up copies of the Tourist Frequently Asked Questions Manual and see the new Visitor and Information Center at City Hall.
   The Woodinville Tourism Partnership represents the city of Woodinville and the Chamber of Commerce to promote commerce and visitors. For more information on National Tourism Week or the tourism program, call Brenda Vanderloop at 481-8300.