APRIL 28, 1997

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Gain support with facts

get the facts Recently, a lot of time and energy has been invested by residents of Ring Hill in lambasting King County officials for announcing their plan to build a tower in their neighborhood, ostensibly for "emergency communications and other purposes."

Guest Column

Don't be misled

scam artists by Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District
In recent weeks, several local businesses have been approached to assist in collecting donations for families affected by fire. This is sometimes used as a way to con or mislead.

Letters to the Editor

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Smoking billboard attractive to youth

smoking billboard I appreciate the "Letter to the Editor" about removing the "Joe Camel" billboard at the main intersection in Woodinville. My 4-year-old son was very attracted to the illustration when he first saw it.

County 'sneaking one by' the public

Ring Hill tower Recently, King County announced plans for installation of an emergency communications tower in the Ring Hill area (off Old Woodinville-Duvall Road). What is interesting about this project is that it will be a great lesson to us and our children on "how government works."

Trying to scare residents does not work

Ring Hill tower Linda M. Blaschka's letter (April 21) is far from the true purpose of the 300-foot cellular tower being forced upon those who have to suffer its presence. Ms. Blaschka states that the primary purpose of the tower is for emergencies.

Well done! on Earth Day

Earth Day I wish to commend King Conservation District and King County Parks for the celebration of Earth Day. There was a restoration of native plant habitat and planting of a living fence between Pfeiffer farm and the park.

Earth Day Blues in Duvall

Earth Day I have really grown to love my daily commute. While many have to deal with the 520 bridge traffic, I get to have a pleasant drive to my final destination, downtown Duvall. But I can't help noticing every day all the trash that litters the roadsides.

Like living in a war zone

shooting range I wish to respond to the article in the Valley View (Mar. 10, 1997) regarding Northwest Shooting Clays in Fall City, which the Carlson family opened on their property last summer.