APRIL 28, 1997

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Trying to scare residents does not work

Ring Hill tower Linda M. Blaschka's letter (April 21) is far from the true purpose of the 300-foot cellular tower being forced upon those who have to suffer its presence. Ms. Blaschka states that the primary purpose of the tower is for emergencies. That's what Metropolitan King County wants us to believe.
   We already have sufficient radio coverage for the response times that exist. Police response comes from 25 miles away in Fall City, which is at least a 20-minute response time. Health and fire response times are no quicker than the roads involved.
   Ms. Blaschka failed to show just how much quicker the 300-foot tower will affect the actual response times than what's already there. Trying to scare residents does not work.
   The 300-foot tower will be used commercially over 99 percent of the time. If it waddles like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, and if it looks like a duck, it's a duck. So with this tower, it's a commercially operating tower. The notice I received shows four discs and 14 antennae on top of it--all that for emergencies. No way!
   The cellular phone corporation power was not able to convince the homeowners that a tower is necessary, so they now have utilized Metropolitan King County to force this monstrosity upon us. There are other locations in the area where few homes exist.

George F. Slusser, Woodinville