APRIL 28, 1997

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Earth Day Blues in Duvall

Earth Day I have really grown to love my daily commute. While many have to deal with the 520 bridge traffic, I get to have a pleasant cruise through country roads to my final destination, downtown Duvall.
   But I can't help noticing every day all the trash that litters the roadsides. Maybe the town needs to hand out instructions to all the citizens that read: "Step 1: Drink liquid out of bottle. Step 2: Get to your destination. Step 3: Put bottle in recycling bin." That really doesn't seem too hard. Why then, are so many people carelessly throwing trash out the window?
   Now, this is the really sad part, and it's ironic that this happened on Earth Day. As I was walking across the street, I noticed an oily sludge running down the street. An auto rebuilding shop was draining whatever was left inside an old crushed car. This toxic mixture of gas, oil, and antifreeze was running down the street and into the storm drain.
   The drained substance was so potent that the receptionists at City Hall were cringing at the smell of the little bit I had gotten on my finger. This substance was draining into our groundwater supply. Do any of you actually think that things just disappear when they go down a drain? Everything is connected.
   All your toxic substances can be safely disposed of. Just call 1-800-RECYCLE. I hate to sound cliche, but, "Think globally, act locally."

John Gallagher, Duvall