APRIL 28, 1997

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Twenty-five years later, I return

Alfa Platt

Alfa's pride and joy, mosaics of her beloved parents.
Photo by Oscar Roloff.

Oscar Roloff by Oscar Roloff
A quarter of a century ago, I made one of my weekly writing trips to Fall City, Carnation, then Duvall. In Carnation, a sixth sense told me to stop at that little house across the street from the grammar school. I did so, and met Wilbur and Alfa Platt, where I saw the most unusual hobby I'd ever seen.
   Years before, they began collecting all colors and kinds of rocks, agates, glass, and driftwood. They'd go to the ocean, streams, and rivers, and seek objects fitting for Alfa's hobby. Her creations were of various sizes and shapes. Having taken ten years of mosaic courses of adult education technical courses at Kirkland, Alfa was ready.

   When I pulled in, I was taken on a tour of the house's inside and outside. In back, their former garage is now converted into her working area. The working area's walls used to display Wilbur's hobby of collecting all kinds of names of spud sacks. Today, they're hard to see; Alfa's creations take most of the space. Wilbur doesn't care. He's a kind-hearted soul.
   Alfa uses agate, glass, stone, petrified wood, and other selected items. Making frames, she glues her items into special sights, characters, and shapes.
   I asked if any other writer had "discovered" her, as I had done. She said, "No." How absolutely strange. Her creations should appear in national magazines, using color. Sure, she could sell her creations, but doesn't bother. She's too busy with her hobby.
   One of her masterpieces, the photo I used above, is of a frame where she glued specific items together, creating photos of her parents. They are her pride and joy and hang on a wall in her bedroom.
   I'm indeed fortunate to have again run across her and Wilbur. Her hobby keeps her just as young as she was 25 years ago when I first met her.
   My writing hobby keeps me young, too. Such fine people.
   I nearly forgot: You should see the walls of her two bathrooms. Mosaics of all kinds adorn them. Could barely see where the toilet paper roll was located. Just kidding. The walls of every room are skillfully decorated with her creations. Unbelieveable. All masterpieces.