APRIL 28, 1997

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Summer construction

summer construction by Andrew Walgamott, staff reporter
With longer, warmer days comes a chance for construction and repair work to city roads and sidewalks. Pedestrian paths near schools will be worked on, as well. Ongoing and planned projects in the Woodinville and Bothell areas this spring and summer include the following:

   Public Works Administrator Ron Cameron said work at the intersection of NE 175th Street and 140th Avenue NE was in scheduling and coordination for resurfacing, and for replacement of 500 feet of asbestos-cement pipe under140th Avenue NE. Trees bordering the streets may also be replaced.

   Cameron said the city was working up a pavement repair list with King County for patching and mending of potholes and "alligatored" streets. Work along 148th Avenue NE on Tributary 90 was being held until July to avoid disturbing spawning fish in the creek. Cameron said two lanes would be kept open, "but it will be skinny."

   Eddy Low, Bothell's engineering manager, outlined several projects going on this summer. A traffic signal at NE 145th Street will be revamped. Another project involves building a paved eight-foot pedestrian/bike trail on the east side of 132nd Ave. NE from the SR-522 interchange north to NE 195th St. The project will tie in with Woodinville's sidewalk project along NE 195th Street.
   "The pedestrian/bike path project is expected to start at the end of May, and be done before the kids come back from summer break," Low said. Work at the intersection of SR-522 and SR-527, planned originally for 1997, has been delayed until next year, according to Low. He said rescheduling was done in order to plan how to relocate overhead utilities underground.

King County
   "We get our projects from the school district and we act on their requests. Schools know where the kids are and where they're going," said King County Roads School Safety Engineer Michael Meagher. He noted that there had "been so much storm damage during the past two years" that construction projects were backed up. He said there will be some sidewalk improvement operations near area schools. "These projects encompass everything from paving to enclosing ditches," he said.
   Meagher said one of the most important projects his office was looking to do was construction of separated walkways along the Woodinville-Duvall Road, from the entrance to Reintree to Bear Creek Elementary. Other projects include:   "Our projects are in competition with other county projects. Storm damage takes priority over new construction projects," Meagher said. Travel with caution is advised.