APRIL 28, 1997

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Northshore & Lower Snoqualmie Weather Report

Tuesday, April 29- Sunday, May 4, 1997

weather report by Meteorologist Larry Schick

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rainy windy partly partly partly partly
Rain Later
Few Showers,

Forecast: I need to check the calender, because the weather charts look more like November than almost May. A vigorous storm track will be pointed at us most of the week for rain and showers with some sunshine at times between storms. Spring will struggle to get the upper hand, but when the sun shines, it will feel quite nice. Overall temperatures will be on the cool side of normal and it will be windy at times. This is a pattern which is difficult to time the dry days and the wet days, but I hold out some hope for a partly dry weekend.

Weather Question of the Week: What is the jet stream?

Answer: The existence of a strong river of air in the upper atmosphere was predicted early in this century, but not confirmed until aircraft in the Pacific during WW2 were met with strong winds on their high altitude bombing runs over Japan. The jet stream is concentrated in the mid-latitudes and is responsible for steering as well as development of high and low pressure zones that give us good and stormy weather. The jet stream is not a continuous belt, but rather segmented bands of concentrated winds.