APRIL 28, 1997

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Local News

Locke signs kidnapper registration bill

kidnapper registration Kidnappers will be required to register with the county sheriff under legislation signed by Gov. Gary Locke, April 21. The new law will take effect within 90 days.
   SSB 5621 adds kidnapping and the unlawful imprisonment of a minor by someone other than their parent to the list of crimes in which an offender would be required to register with the sheriff in their county of residence. Currently, only serious sex offenders are required to register. The registration period would last for 10 years or more depending upon the seriousness of the offense.
   Federal legislation passed in 1994 contains financial incentives to encourage states to adopt registration programs for all persons convicted of kidnapping and sex offenses where the victim is a minor. If Washington fails to implement the federal act by September, the state will lose 10 percent of the funds, $900,000, that it would otherwise receive.
   The new law also requires those guilty of the following to register with the sheriff: sexual exploitation of a minor; dealing in depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct; sending or bringing into the state depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct; and patronizing a juvenile prostitute.