APRIL 28, 1997

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Salmon release at Wilder

salmon released

Left to right, back: Meredith Teague, 4th grade; Lauren Isherwood, K; Colin Bishop, K; Tony Harmon, 4th; Carl Swanson, 4th. Bottom: Amanda Christie, 4th; Maggie Windus.
Photo by Phyllis Dramer.

salmon released Laura Ingalls Wilder fourth graders and kindergarten students recently released coho salmon fry into the Colin Creek tributary #32, a creek in the back yard of the school. Coho have not been seen in the headwaters of Colin Creek since a dam was installed there in the 1960s.
   The Salmon in the Classroom program at Wilder began during the 1990-91 school year when the baby salmon were released into Cottage Lake Creek. But it was always the hope that the fish raised by the children could be released into nearby Colin Creek, and during the past 7 years, besides operating a hatchery in the classroom, students and volunteers have worked to remove fish migration barriers from the creek.
   Every two to three weeks from September through January, the students and volunteers work to clear debris from the dam and fish ladder. Trees and shrubs were planted in a schoolwide revegetation project in November when the King County Dept. of Natural Resouces removed a culvert that was blocking the passage of fish.