MAY 5, 1997

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Guest Column

Potential soccer fields offer protection for Sammamish APD

Sammamish APD by Louise Miller, Metropolitan King County Councilmember
Since the Sammamish Valley APD was established, the ongoing challenge has been to preserve this APD and prevent development from encroaching.

Letters to the Editor

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Reply on Ring Hill tower

Ring Hill tower In reply to your editorial about the [proposed] cellular phone tower on Ring Hill (April 28), why shouldn't I be emotional? How would you like to have a 300-foot tower hovering over you for the rest of your life?

Quit whining

Ring Hill tower I can't help being amused at the ironic whining regarding a proposed communications tower on Ring Hill. Listen, folks, dozens of acres of pristine second growth forest were sacrificed to the tree to make room for your homes.

Youth suicide concern

youth suicide I read your editorial on the youth suicide in the April 21 issue and was profoundly moved. I wish there was something I could have done.

Public has never been part of process

growth management Growth has moved into the forefront of issues these days. Its incredible rate on the Eastside has energized concern over its costs and impacts on our quality of life.

Safe driver now

safe driver I am a junior at Woodinville High School. I would like to formally apologize to the Woodinville community for my poor driving behavior. I was justifying my poor choices by thinking, "It's all right that I drive this way--I'm a teenager."

Salmon at Bear Creek

salmon release On Thursday, April 10, 1997, Bear Creek Elementary had a salmon release. The sixth-grade students first started raising salmon at the beginning of the year.

Sammamish Splash

Sammamish Splash Hollywood Hill Elementary has just completed a wonderful schoolwide project called "Sammamish Splash." The culminating experience for the students was the release of the fish by students in Little Bear Creek in Woodinville.

Scouting for food

food drive Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We appreciate your support in helping Pack 553 during our Cub Scout food drive.

More good things happening in Carnation

Carnation Have you noticed that Pete's Club is getting a facelift by Randy Ziegler and Peter Reiselman? Pete's Club has been a landmark in Tolt/Carnation since 1910.