MAY 5, 1997 : your home town on the world wide web


Quit whining

Ring Hill tower I can't help being amused at the ironic whining regarding a proposed communications tower on Ring Hill. Listen, folks, dozens of acres of pristine second growth forest were sacrificed to the tree to make room for your tacky-cookie-cutter-right-next-to-each-other-three-car-garage-houses with the well manicured lawns and "beautiful" landscaping (tell me about monstrosities!) And you're complaining about a "measly" 300-foot tower in your back yard?
   How about the additional traffic you brought with your SUV's and minivans to our 1950s state-of-the-art roads, or the air, visual, light, and noise pollution you've brought into my neighborhood?
   I didn't have a say, either, when the bulldozers came in and leveled everything in sight, so quit complaining and paint your house purple!

Gary Greene, Woodinville