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Salmon at Bear Creek

salmon release On Thursday, April 10, 1997, Bear Creek Elementary had a salmon release. The sixth-grade students first started raising salmon at the beginning of the year. We started out with 500 eggs. Three different classes switched off taking care of the eggs. We had to remove dead ones and make sure the tank was clean.
   When they became fry, it was a lot harder. The water was dirtier and we had to clean the tank more often. We divided up the jobs of maintenance, recorder, observer, environmental, and team leader. We each had different tasks. We checked the temperature to make sure it didn't get too high or too low. We had to take a lot of tests on pH, nitrates, and ammonia, and we recorded the information. Even though it was hard work, it was a fun experience and an educational one.
   That brings is back to our salmon release. Each sixth grader had a first grade buddy. Each pair had a cup of one or more fish. We took a path that went down to the stream and told the kids how to hold the cups. We had a countdown, then we let the fish go. Later in the day, the sixth-graders released the remaining fish.
   To show our work and dedication we were given a chance to paint bus stop panels. A group got together and painted a river and trees and, of course, salmon. They have the bus stop just right outside of Safeway, but the panels aren't done. When they are, there is going to be a plaque telling about the art on the panels. The kids that helped will get their names on it. The painting is open to people or groups that want to help.
   This supposedly has been our most successful year with the salmon.

Jessica Lee, 6th grade, Bear Creek Elementary