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Sammamish Splash

Sammamish Splash Hollywood Hill Elementary has just completed a wonderful schoolwide project called "Sammamish Splash." With business sponsors, grant money, and fantastic, dedicated volunteers, we set up a complete aquarium in our school where we raised coho salmon from egg to fry. The culminating experience for the students was the release of the fish by students in Little Bear Creek in Woodinville.
   Parent volunteers were trained in the fall and in turn trained the sixth grade students to conduct environmental tests to maintain the optimum conditions for fish growth. The students maintained the aquarium by performing tests (pH level, oxygen level, ammonia, nitrates), adjusting the equipment, changing the water, etc.
   All this was possible because of a committee of dedicated parents who took turns monitoring the salmon teams every morning. These nine adults have been fantastic. Thank you, aquarium parents: Margaret Weidner, Shirley Heimbigner, Leslie Veres, Chris Helbock, Jeff Smith, Mary Goodman, Jennifer Norton, Rick Goodman, and Margareta Bjorkegren.

Judith A. Wilson (teacher), and sixth grade students, Hollywood Hill Elementary, Woodinville