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Cascade Valleys Heritage Corridor survey

Heritage Corridor Cascade Valleys Heritage Corridor is the new name chosen by a local advisory group for the SR-202 Heritage Corridor. It was selected to reflect the nature and lifestyle of the highway which travels through the Sammamish, Happy, and Snoqualmie Valleys, linking the communities of Woodinville, Redmond, Fall City, Snoqualmie, and North Bend.
   A comprehensive survey and inventory of the significant features found along the corridor route, i.e., SR-202 from North Bend to Woodinville, will begin soon and offer local residents a chance to join in on a hands-on heritage project which will set the course of heritage interpretation in the area for decades to come. The goal is to identify what the resources are in the corridor's valleys. The results will form the basis for the Corridor Management Plan which will be developed under the direction of the Cascade Valleys Citizen's Corridor Management organization over the next two years.
   Following the National Heritage Corridor Guidelines set by the Federal Highway Administration Program, the inventory will include historic, scenic, cultural, recreational, archeological, and natural features. Survey work parties will be scheduled for weekday and weekend sessions in May and June. Orientation and survey materials will be provided.
   The Heritage Corridor program, part of the National Scenic Highways program, is a partnership of property owners, residents, organizations, government agencies, and local jurisdictions, focused on building pride on our local communities, and seeking creative ways to identify, interpret, and share lifestyles and traditions.
   For more information, to volunteer for survey work, or participate in the Cascade Valleys Heritage Corridor in other ways, contact Don Julien, Woodinville Library, (425) 788-0733; or David Battey, (425) 888-2504. For more information, e-mail; or Kay Reinartz, Coordinator, (206) 296-8625, e-mail