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Community Forums

community forums The Northshore School District and associated councils and partnerships are sponsoring community forums. They are held in Ricketts Auditorium from 7-9 p.m.
   May 7: Why does reading with children make a difference? Ann Lyman, Westhill Elementary School Reading Specialist, discusses what research tells us about successful readers. What are some specific ways to help improve a child's reading skills? What kinds of books should children be reading? This class will offer strategies you can use at home or at school as you work with children aged three to eight.
   May 15: How are students learning to resolve their conflicts? Susan Jackson, Arrowhead Teacher and Northshore Summer School Principal, discusses if there are standard steps we should take to resolve conflicts. How can students play an important role in solving their own problems? Susan Jackson is a trained facilitator for Second Step, a program developed by Community for Children, that helps students learn their responsibilities in solving conflicts. There will be an opportunity to try some of the activities and see a student demonstration.