MAY 12, 1997

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Guest Column

Historic accomplishments mark end of 1997 sessions

1997 legislature by Rep. Kathy Lambert
The 105-day 1997 legislative session ended April 27. This was an historic session. It is the first budget session that ended on time without an extended session in over four decades.

Letters to the Editor

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Thanks, Good Samaritans

Good Samaritans I want to thank the couple in the red car who helped me when I ran out of gas on I-405 on April 22.

It's not whining--it's protesting

protesting A letter writer (May 5) calls those objecting to a 300-foot, short wave-emitting tower "whiners." I am not whining; I'm protesting as strongly as I am able. It is not a "measly" tower in my backyard; it is a hovering shortwave-emitting monstrosity.

Volunteering adds personal touch to philanthropy

volunteering This past year, I have had several opportunities to volunteer in the area. Through this whole experience, I have come to realize how essential it is for people to become involved in any way they can.

Sad examples of democracy

democracy? Quite a record has been built over the last few years in what some would call our democratic republic of Washington. We voted down regional transit called RTA. It was back a year later and rural residents like myself were not allowed to vote on it.

Scouting for food

food drive Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We appreciate your support in helping Pack 553 during our Cub Scout food drive.

Valley now known not for agriculture or quality of life, but for flooding

valley flooding If you're as saddened as I am that the Snoqualmie Valley is now best known not for agriculture, recreation, or quality of life, but instead for flooding, hold on to your hip waders, because you aren't going to believe this...