MAY 12, 1997 : your home town on the world wide web


It's not whining--it's protesting

protesting A letter writer (May 5) calls those objecting to a 300-foot, short wave-emitting tower "whiners." I am not whining; I'm protesting as strongly as I am able. It is not a "measly" tower in my backyard; it is a hovering shortwave-emitting monstrosity.
   I did not clearcut the second growth forest to build the "tacky-cookie-cutter-right-next-to-other-three-car-garage-houses with well-manicured lawns and "beautiful" landscaping [tell me about monstrosities!]." These houses Mr. Greene describes are the very expensive houses of Saybrook. I hated to see the forest cut down to build Saybrook because I used to, on sunny days, hike along the historic railroad bed that traversed the area.
   I not only declined the building of a 150-foot tower on my property, I declined an easement on my property to allow an access road to the Saybrook water tower site for building the tower. The reason: There was a King County dump gate and level ground already available for transit. The undeclared reason for the easement was to give access to three one-acre plots drawn on the map.
   I did not cause the rapid development in the neighborhood. Check with Chris Vance of the Metropolitan King County Council for answers.
   I did not ask that 232nd Avenue NE be blacktopped; it now sounds like I-5 every working day.
   I do not own an SUV or a mini-van.
   I have complained against rapid leapfrog development (called clustering), which is a close grouping of urban homes in a rural area, like Saybrook.
   I am complaining against the uncertain effects of shortwave emissions; against a visual harassment and intimidation; against rapid clustering of urban homes in rural areas; and against the loss of property value along with my property tax records having a notation that an outside nuisance tower exists which requires a one-third down payment on the sale of my property.
   I shall continue to complain and my house will not be painted purple even though I like the color purple. It is a combination of red and blue.
   Finally, I do not even own a microwave oven.

George Slusser, Woodinville