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Cottage Lake improvements near

Cottage Lake

King County is proposing forested wetlands where these abused picnic benches sit near the center of Cottage Lake Park. Improvements to the park could begin as early as July.
Photo by Andrew Walgamott/Northwest News.

Cottage Lake Park by Andrew Walgamott, staff reporter
Improvements to Cottage Lake Park may be coming as early as this summer. With public comment and SEPA appeal periods having passed, King County is waiting for permits to begin work, according to Mike Rice, park project manager for the Department of Construction and Facilities Managment.
   "We anticipate bidding the job in the middle of this month," said Rice. Without permit hang-ups, construction could begin as early as July, he said.
   King County will be doing a two-phase facelift for the 22.5-acre park, formerly known as Norm's Resort. Phase 1 improvements would include a 195-foot boardwalk, additional parking, two more picnic shelters, a restroom, a cartop boat launch area with temporary parking, an open play meadow, a new boat dock/fishing pier, a rinse shower at the swimming beach, and pedestrian trails, among others.
   Phase 2 improvements would include two more picnic tables, two tennis courts, additional play area facilities, an interpretive center, 22 additional parking spaces, and a park maintenance facility.
   "We're intending to request funding assistance from the state for Phase 2," Rice said. He said the county would apply for funds from the Washingon Interagency Commitee for Outdoor Recreation.
   Rice said the Cottage Lake Pool would remain open during summer construction. He said that after July, parking would be tight, and he encouraged car-pooling for visitors.
   The park has significant wetlands. Slightly over four acres of degraded wetland would be enhanced into a forested wetland habitat and an emergent wetland marsh habitat. Additionally, two acres of previously filled wetland would be turned into forested wetland. Shallow lake habitats would be enhanced with emergent plantings. Wildlife resting structures would be provided in the forested and emergent wetlands.
   There would be 3.62 acres of impervious surfaces after completion of both phases, according to King County documents. Fifty rot-prone decidious trees would be removed, as well.