MAY 19, 1997

 The Edwards Agency



Collaborations benefit the community

Collaborations Last weekend, Northshore and the Lower Snoqualmie Valley each held an annual community event that each demonstrated the benefits of collaborations between government, business, service groups, and interested residents.

Guest Columns

My thoughts on Memorial Day: Why men and women rally around the flag

Memorial Day by Oscar Roloff
As I grow older and look at our country's situation, I come to the conclusion that no longer is war a grand and glorious undertaking.

Making it unacceptable to drive with unbuckled children

unbuckled children by the National Safety Council
Education alone has not been enough to motivate all drivers to change their habits and buckle children 12 and under in the back seat.

Letters to the Editor

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Merge Woodinville and Bothell

merge cities In the news, we hear and read about mergers a lot. How about a merger between Bothell and Woodinville?

Still no children's swings or green lawns

admission tax I have been reading the paper from front to back since I moved here nine years ago. My point: Did anyone notice the article in the April 28th issue regarding the proposed admission tax of up to 5% that may be levied soon in Woodinville?

Why houses on the floodplain?

floodplains Recently I had the opportunity to volunteer my time sandbagging to help King County Surface Water Management protect the people who have homes on this floodplain. This caused me to question how it was possible for someone to build a house on a floodplain.

Letter carriers help erase hunger

food drive Once again, the letter carriers in our Eastside communities have done an outstanding job at collecting food for the food banks of the Multi-Service Centers of North and East King County.

Bridge closing will cost drivers

Novelty Bridge In 1999, the Novelty Bridge is due to be replaced by a new bridge as the old one has reached the end of its structural lifespan (70-plus years). This bridge, which crosses the Snoqualmie River Valley on 124th Avenue NE, currently serves, on average, 7,000 cars per day.

"The Bridges of Gridlock County"

Novelty Bridge After requesting a SEPA checklist prepared for the King County Department of Transportation regarding the planned Novelty Bridge replacement, I learned the demolition and replacement of the 124th St. bridge is scheduled to begin next year and take 18 months.