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Collaborations benefit the community

Collaborations Last weekend, Northshore and the Lower Snoqualmie Valley each held an annual community event that each demonstrated the benefits of collaborations between government, business, service groups, and interested residents. Duvall Days and the Teen Northshore Auto Show attracted participants and spectators. Both allowed our young people and families to shine.
   Duvall Days is sponsored by the Duvall Chamber of Commerce, and under the direction of Margie Coy, the City of Duvall, Duvall Police, Duvall Fire, and several committees spend long hours planning, arranging, and coordinating before the event is held.
   The Teen Northshore Auto Show was a collaboration between Teen Northshore, the City of Bothell, the Northshore School District, business, and local volunteers. Co-chaired by Pat Parkhurst, Bothell Parks & Recreation, and Randy Long of Long's Automotive, the event attracted teens and their cars in competition for cash prizes.
   Congratulations to both groups on your successful events. May we continue to provide a positive and rich relationship between all groups for the betterment and enjoyment of our communities.