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Woodinville Memorial Park tour on Monday, May 26

Woodinville Memorial Park

Woodinville Memorial Park on NE 175th will be open for the three-day weekend with a special tour on Monday.

Woodinville Memorial Park Visitors to the Woodinville Memorial Park on Monday, May 26, will be able to learn about the unique history of the pioneer cemetery that is located in downtown Woodinville. Members of the Woodinville Cemetery Board, with assistance from the Woodinville Historical Society, will be available from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday to provide information about the late 1800s development of Woodinville Memorial Park and the early pioneers buried there.
   "Most people who pass the cemetery every day when they drive down NE 175th don't know that it really is a cemetery. It was the center of early Woodinville with a church to the east and the school to the south. The cemetery has unusual plantings, such as an apple tree, lilacs, and flowering shrubs," said Suzie Freeman, chairman of the event. "The remains of the original foundation sit on the grounds and the flagpole stands nearby. Two improvements in the last three years by Eagle Scouts include an information board indicating the location of the pioneer burials and two benches by the foundation."
   "On Memorial Day, there will be a photo exhibit, a copy of the original cemetery map, and other historical photos of the Woodinville area," continued Freeman. The Village in the Woods, a book on Woodinville's history, will be available at $17.00 each, including tax. "Visitors can go on a self-guided tour, or we will accompany them," Freeman added.
   "There are plots still available in the Woodinville Cemetery," said Linda McCune, President of the Woodinville Cemetery Association Board. "The regular price is $900, but they will be available for $495 at this event," she added.
   "The cemetery gates will be open for the three-day weekend," said Norm Perkins, board member.
   "We would like to encourage everyone to attend this special function on Monday," said McCune. "We would everyone to visit the Memorial Park."