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Gardening: Water District offers workshops, savings

Drip irrigation workshop set for May 29

   Woodinville Water District will once again be offering a series of garden workshops designed to help you save water--and money--this summer and still have a beautiful garden. The workshops will help gardeners develop a healthy landscape and use irrigation water efficiently.
   If you want to reduce the amount of water you use on your yard and also reduce the size of your water bill, call the Conservation Office at 483-9104, ext. 302, to sign up for the workshops or put your name on their direct contact list. You can also e-mail the Conservation Coordinator, Deborah Rannfeldt, at You can view pictures of their garden, taken last fall, by going to the web site conservation page at
   Howard Stenn of Stenn Design will show how to design a drip irrigation system appropriate to your garden and select the proper system components to meet your needs during a workshop scheduled for Thursday, May 29, from 7-9 p.m. The seminar will include a demonstration of how to assemble the components, as well as hands-on opportunities to try for yourself. Suggestions for scheduling and maintenance will also be covered.

ET Hotline aids conservation efforts

   The Woodinville Water District is again offering customers the Evapotranspiration (ET) Hotline with detailed information about plant watering needs. The hotline provides a daily measurement of ET, the amount of water lost through evaporation and transpiration as water is breathed through plant tissues.
   The ET Hotline will tell callers how much water their lawn needs on any given day. For example, the message might be "If you water daily, give your lawn 1/10 of an inch of water," or "If you water every three days, give your lawn 3/10s of an inch of water."
   If you need help determining how long to water in order to provide the desired amount of water, call the district's conservation office at 483-9104, ext. 302.
   The ET Hotline will be updated daily through the end of August. The hotline number is 483-9104, ext. 326.

Funding available for water quality projects

   Communities that want to clean up a local lake, stream, or beach can receive funding up to $50,000 through the King County Regional Water Quality Block Grant Fund. High priority is given to projects demonstrating the beneficial use of biosolids, reuse of wastewater, or which provide training for jobs in the environment.
   Schools, special districts, tribes, local governments and private non-profit organizations are eligible. A pre-application is due on June 6. Applicants who are invited to apply must submit their full application on June 20. For further information, call 296-8265.