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Community Emergency Response Team takes wing

Community ERT

Class members before their final exam. Back row (left to right): D/C Marzano, Chris Dietsche, Linda Carruthers, Jeff Jensen, George Muchin, Steve Brown, Norma Calvert, Theresa Rash, Suzie Spencer, Marsha Robin, Rebecca Harrigan, Linda Calvert, and Matther Carruthers. Front row: Dale Holm, Michael Peck, Kurt Schoenbacher, Debbie Moore, Amanda Richmond, and Ramona Dorian. Not pictured: Erika Valberg.
Photo by Al Hooper/Northwest News.

Community ERT by Al Hooper
Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District recently awarded Certificates of Completion to 19 community members for their participation in a class designed to prepare them for meeting emergency and disaster situations. A final test and practical exam was given by Deputy Chief Dominic Marzano, who gave high marks to everyone for both ability and enthusiasm.
   The class met for 3 hours once a week for 7 weeks. Highlights of the course were: Disaster Preparation, Planning and Organization, Light Search and Rescue, Disaster Medical Aid, Fire Suppression, and other topics.
   Sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Emergency Management Institute, the class is designed to prepare community members to be able to quickly respond to both large and small scale emergencies safely, efficiently and confidently. Several class members shared experiences in which they had already used their new knowledge to help at accidents and in other situations.
   Graduating participants were: Debbie Moore, Rebecca Harrigan, Michael Peck, Kurt Schoenbacher, Chris Dietsche, Suzie Spencer, Linda Carruthers, Matthew Carruthers, Norma Calvert, Linda Calvert, George Muchin, Jeff Jensen, Marsha Robin, Ramona Dorian, Theresa Rash, Amanda Richmond, Steve Brown, Dale Holm, and Erika Valberg.
   Theresa Rash, an office manager at the Woodinville Medical Center, said in a telephone interview that she took the class because she became aware of the need for disaster preparation while talking with Marzano earlier in the year. Rash said that she wanted to learn more and signed up for the class.
   Rash said she was grateful for the opportunity to become involved with other members of the community. "I learned to be prepared both physically and mentally, and gained some confidence, too," she said. When asked if her expectations had been fulfilled, she said "I'm definitely a believer. I'm telling everybody I know to take the class the next time it's offered!"
   During the final exam, the ability of team members to assess the injuries sustained by school-age victims of an earthquake was tested. Victims, some of them members of Explorer Post #2144, were portrayed by: Jennifer Ellis, Michelle Flotron, future singer/songwriter/actress Kerry Flotron, Ryan Englund, Jeremy Burrow, Amanda Reilley-Olson, Jillian Petrin, and Becca "the Terminator" Petrin.
   During the fire suppression portion of the exam, an automobile donated by Fitz Auto Parts was used to simulate a one-car accident resulting in an under-hood fire.
   Marzano was assisted in presenting the class and in the final exam by fire fighter Pete Briner, public educator Dave Leggett, Lt. Kerry Langan, Lt. Drago Nevistic, Bellevue Fire Department's Brian Kendall, and King County District 10's Ellen Jo Schaff.
   For more class information, call 483-2131, ext. 3533.