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Heritage Corridor needs volunteers

Heritage Corridor The Cascade Valleys Heritage Corridor offers local residents the chance to join a hands-on heritage project which will set the course of heritage interpretation for decades to come. Community volunteers are invited to help conduct a survey and inventory of all heritage resources found along State Route 202, from Woodinville to North Bend.
   The project runs through September, and help is needed immediately with a wide variety of tasks, including field work (i.e. driving, biking, and hiking through the area), documenting sites on maps, photography, researching natural and human history, and more. In addition to the survey, project staff and volunteers will complete a travelers' guide, a citizens' information leaflet, and long-term Citizen Participation and Marketing Plans.
   A Citizens' Committee is forming to guide the project, and Kay Reinartz of the King County Heritage Corridors Program acts as Program Coordinator. If you have always wanted to be in on the ground floor of a local heritage project which will shape heritage efforts in your area, get involved in the Cascade Valleys project. For information and to volunteer, call Kay Reinartz at (206) 296-8625, Fax (206) 296-8629, or Don Julien, Acting Chair of the Cascade Valleys Heritage Corridor Management Organization, at (206) 788-0733, Fax (206) 296-6962.