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Student chosen for government program

Clinton & Nazemi

Sina Nazemi (right) conducts his interview with President Clinton.
Photo courtesy of The White House.

government program All that stands between a Woodinville High School sophomore and a firsthand experience in American Government is $2,500. Sina Nazemi, one of 240 students from around the world, will take part in a hands-on approach in learning about the government at Georgetown University.
   The rigorous program, made up of outstanding and involved students, takes place in leading universities, including Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Georgetown. The program brings together young leaders to learn and debate about topics regarding the U.S. Government. It involves many rigorous tests and ends with a 15-page term paper with the United States government as the topic.
   However, Sina's first lesson will be fundraising. As politicians must raise money for campaigns, Sina must raise the $2,500 tuition for the class. While most students his age would shy away from studying over the summer, Sina chooses to give his summer to make himself a more effective leader. "I know that one must work hard in order to succeed, and I'm willing to do that," he said.
   Sina is not one who shies away from challenges. In a journalism class at school, he proposed an interview with President Clinton during a brainstorming session. He got laughed at and was told to pick a different subject.
   Following weeks of persistent phone calls and faxes, he obtained and conducted a one-on-one interview with President Clinton. "After obtaining my interview with President Clinton, I realized that a good idea goes nowhere without a determined leader. I want to be the determined leader that carries forth people's ideas and visions for a brighter America," Sina said.
   Sina, who maintains a 3.97 grade-point average, is an active student at Woodinville High School. He is the treasurer of his class, a founding father of the Woodinville Junior Statesmen Chapter, and a member of the varsity tennis team. He has volunteered on political campaigns and recently served as a page in Olympia.
   Sina wants to someday serve the people of this state by becoming a Senator. "The firsthand experience that the Georgetown Program offers is an opportunity whose educational value transcends the value of a textbook. The experience of learning about government in depth will be a valuable experience that I can carry with me throughout my future political endeavors," he said.
   To learn more about the program, or to help sponsor Sina, contact him at (206)788-9457.