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Tree removed was hazard to company employees

tree removal In response to our neighbors at JB Instant Lawn: We understand and appreciate your concern about the removal of the tree on our farm. We all have enjoyed the aesthetic value and its nice shady spot to picnic under in the days gone by when it was a large healthy tree.
   However, because of the drainage problems in the area, it had become unhealthy and a hazard for our employees. As much as we wanted to keep the tree, we have known for some time it must be removed.
   Before we could work this particular piece of land, we had to reshape it because of the poor drainage areas, especially bad this year because of all the rain. In order to make it possible for us to prepare the soil and plant seed to have nice turf for the annual Woodinville 4th of July celebration, we felt we did not have a choice but to remove the tree when we did.
   It has always been our goal to keep improving the farm to be an added attraction to our community. We appreciate your understanding.

Paul Jensen, JB Instant Lawn, Inc.