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Protect car with anti-theft device, care in parking

auto security Car theft in the U.S. has gone down, but it is still a very serious situation and people must be educated on how to prevent it. Car theft was at its highest peak in 1991, with over 1,662,000 offenses.
   Although down by over 6%, many car thefts are easily preventable. Twenty percent of these car thefts occur when the key is left in the ignition. With all that you can lose in a single car theft, it is worth the time to find a strong and reliable anti-theft device, such as the "Club." The "Club" is one of the strongest anti-theft devices out on the market. Many thieves do not even bother trying to steal a car equipped with one.
   In my family alone, there have already been three offenses which have cost a great deal of money to replace the stolen articles. A car is stolen every 19 seconds, adding up to at least four car thefts by the time you have finished reading this article. Investing in a professionally installed alarm system, buying a strong anti-theft device, and parking in a well-lit area can help reduce your chances of being vandalized, and lower the percentage of car thefts in the U.S.

Adam Davis, Woodinville