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Quality daycare important in today's world

daycare I feel that daycare can be a positive experience for young children. Daycare seems to have a negative connotation in today's world. In custody disputes, custody is often rewarded to the parent who won't put the child in daycare. Many parents are forced to work, and they must place their children in daycare, so quality child care is vital. People need to realize just how important daycare is.
   In order to learn about daycares and how they care for children, I volunteered at the kindergarten program at KinderCare. Through preschool programs like these, children become ready for elementary school. The kids know their alphabet and numbers and can read and write simple words. They learn important social skills that they will need later in life, like sharing and cooperating. I also found that the kids are already forming close friendships even when they are that young. The teachers were qualified and caring, allowing just the right mix of independence and freedom with stability and schedule. The children are allowed plenty of time to release energy by playing outdoors.
   I think parents would be surprised at how happy and adjusted kids in daycare are. They were incredibly friendly and welcoming to me, and I genuinely enjoyed working with them. Of course, there is room for improvement, but I think that we have a pretty good start.
   Parents should not feel guilty for placing their children in daycare. If you evaluate your options carefully and get to know the caretakers, along with trusting your own instincts, I am confident that you will find a quality childcare program that fits your needs and your child's needs.

Stephanie Jacks, Bothell