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Airlift Northwest honored by mural at Fire District

airlift mural

Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District commisioners and community members were on hand at the training tower at District Headquarters for the presentation of a plaque to AirLift Northwest and the unveiling of a mural by Mike Marshall in memory of the pilot and nurses who were killed last year.
Photo by Al Hooper/Northwest News.

Airlift Northwest by Al Hooper
On May 20th, the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District Commissioners presented a plaque to three members of AirLift Northwest. The mural was created in recognition of the service provided by that organization, and in memory of the pilot and two flight nurses who were killed in the line of duty on their way to pick up a patient.
   Attending the outdoor ceremony, Commissioners Dave Callon, Don Eddy, Don Leggett, and Frank Peep watched as Deputy Chief Dominic Marzano addressed a crowd of more than 50 people in preparation for the unveiling of a permanent mural that commemorates the contributions of those who died.
   The mural was painted by local artist Mike Marshall and is mounted on the north side of the Training Tower at the District Headquarters. Marshall was also awarded a plaque in thanks for his creative efforts.
   The mural and plaques were commissioned by the Fire Fighters Union, Local #2950. Contributions were also made to the project by Leggett, Callon, and former Commissioner Sue Dickson.
   Marzano ended his speech with, "Every time I hear the whirling blades of a helicopter, all I can think of is 'Where would we be without AirLift Northwest?'"