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Summer rec bus available for kids

summer rec bus The city and Metro have teamed up to offer kids a recreational shuttle bus service this summer. From June 23 to August 29, the Woodinville Area Recreational Transit 14-passenger Metro bus, will be cruising between recreational facilities in Bothell, Woodinville, Cottage Lake, Hollywood, Turners Corner, and Kingsgate.
   With scheduled service on a fixed route, the bus will take youths over 10 years of age to pools, playgrounds, libraries, and trails. Though the schedule hasn't been set, the bus will be making stops at C.O. Sorenson School and the YMCA, Waterford Park/Burke Gilman Trail, Cottage Lake Park, and the Woodinville Library. Other stops will include the Woodinville High School Sky Hawks sports camp, The Playground (in-line hockey), Bothell Regional Library/King County Ruiz Costie Pool, and Woodmoor and Hollywood Elementary Schools.
   "What we hear consistently from the public is that it's difficult for kids to get to things. If we can provide a transportation piece, it's like doubling our recreation provision, because people can get to the things they want to do," said Parks and Recreation Director Lane Youngblood.