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BIA co-chairmen announced

BIA co-chairmen Jeffrey Shaw, executive of the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce has announced the new co-chairs of the Business Industrial Association (BIA). Al Johansen, president of Johansen Mechanical, Inc., Mike Smith, president of Check Ride, Inc., and Albert Martin, marketing director of Mold Rite, Inc., will jointly share responsibilities in directing the newly-formed BIA.
   All three co-chairmen agree that there is no other organization like the BIA in this area that specifically addresses the needs of industry and manufacturing. "Although we have received more than 80 telephone calls from people interested in joining our association, the biggest problem is getting the word out to the other manufacturing and industrial firms to make them aware that such a community service is available to them," says Shaw. "Many firms still don't know that the BIA is even in existence."
   The BIA is open to all industrial, manufacturing, and their related service companies. Meetings are the last Wednesday of each month from 11:30 to 1 p.m. Make reservations by calling 481-8300.