JUNE 2, 1997

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Recreational tax would fund more recreation

recreation tax I would like to respond to the concerns of Joan Atlas in her letter to the editor (May 19). I am referring to her distress about a proposed admission tax of up to 5% on activities (e.g. movies), exclusive of activity fees at elementary and secondary schools. Such funds would be dedicated to Woodinville Parks and Recreation programs, and may also include the development and maintenance of trails.
   Ms. Atlas needs to know that some of her fellow citizens, namely the Parks and Recreation Commission (all volunteers), as well as the City Council (elected fellow citizens) and the Parks and Recreation Department, have been avidly working, since the first of the year, on a Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PRO) Plan.
   The objective of this PRO Plan is to create an organized, comprehensive, and well-researched document which will be utilized to implement the design and construction of parks, recreational activities, and open space for the citizens of Woodinville and our visitors, not just for the immediate present, but for the next 20 years.
   During the process of creating this plan (which should be concluded by early fall), many opportunities will be afforded for user input. We welcome the suggestions of our citizens, whether they wish to speak as individuals or as members of a recognized recreational organization.
   Furthermore, Ms. Atlas should be happy to know that she need not travel for 25 minutes to another community for a bit of grass or swings for her child(ren):   Parks and programs cost money, not only to establish, but to maintain; not just for today, but for many years to come. What better use for a recreational (activity) tax than to perpetuate other recreational activities within our lovely city!

Malka Fricks, Commissioner, Woodinville Parks & Recreation