JUNE 2, 1997

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Deputy mayor responds to concerns

admission tax There was a letter to the editor (May 19) from a citizen concerned about the admission tax that the city will soon be imposing. I appreciate her concerns and would like to respond to them.
   Her first concern was with the use of the revenues: "It was suggested that the revenue be dedicated to parks ... How can they tax us with no real destination in mind?" The ordinance which was passed by the council at the May 12th meeting reads "...for the purpose of accumulating funds for park capital..."
   Her second concern was that this would make movie prices in the soon-to-be-cinemas in Woodinville higher than in other jurisdictions. During our research when putting the ordinance together, we discovered that all neighboring cities have an admission tax of 5%.
   Her third concern was, "And how can they tax us without asking us first?" We had several meetings concerning this, one on April 21, which was the one she read about in the paper; the first reading of the ordinance on April 28; and the second reading on May 12. We had input on this as late as the night of the second reading.
   Her final concern was that, "We have some of the highest taxes ... and still no swings ... and no green lawn with picnic tables..."
   As long as the city has been in existence we have not raised the property tax rate nor added a tax, with the exception of the admission tax. Despite this, we have acquired and developed--and continue to acquire and develop--parks.
   The first park we developed is in the Woodinville Heights neighborhood and was dedicated in summer of last year. We will be dedicating another park, the Woodin Creek Park next to the Waterford apartments, on June 28, from 12 until 4 p.m. And Wilmot Park will be developed starting in 1998.
   Currently, these parks provide children's play equipment, tennis and basketball courts, picnic tables, and some green lawn. Wilmot Park will have children's play equipment, picnic tables, and lots of green lawn.
   Please join us at Woodin Creek park for its dedication on June 28th. If you have suggestions for locations for other parks, please contact the Woodinville Parks and Recreation Commission through the Parks and Recreation Department at 489-2700.

Don Brocha, Deputy Mayor, Woodinville