JUNE 2, 1997

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Quick response, skilled care: Thanks, Woodinville Medics, Fire Department & Police

911 response The following letter was originally sent to Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District.
Our family wants you to know how very much we appreciated your services April 26th when you responded to Mom's 911 call. You arrived quickly and provided skilled care.
   We know you did your best to save Dad, but his heart was just not strong enough for your efforts to be effective. We lost our father, and our mother lost her husband of 44 years. At such a difficult time, you helped comfort us.
   We especially want to thank Chaplain Richard Schmidt for coming and being with us. It was 3 a.m. and we were surprised such support was provided. Your caring, warmth, and dedication made a positive difference during such a painful loss.
   A simple thank you doesn't seem to be enough, but we give it from our hearts.

The Von Derau Family, Woodinville