JUNE 2, 1997

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'Last valley' could be 'lost valley'

lost valley Remlinger Farms has applied to the City of Carnation for a permit to construct an outdoor ampitheater on their property, and to hold up to 16 concerts per year with up to 8,000 people attending each one.
   The city, which has only 1,500 residents, determined that this proposal would not have significant environmental impacts as long as a few conditions are met. These include preparing a traffic study, abiding by the noise codes of the city and King County, and submitting complete plans including parking. Concerned citizens, neighborhoods, and the Girl Scouts have appealed this SEPA determination.
   The traffic study shows that concert traffic will cause severe traffic jams on State Route 203 just south of Carnation. The noise information submitted by Remlinger's states that the noise levels will be within code limits. However, this does not mean it can't be heard off-site, just that it won't be louder than a normal conversation. The parking plans have not yet been submitted, but in apparent preparation for 3,500 parking spaces, fields of berries and Christmas trees have been plowed under.
   I live in a rural neighborhood outside the city, within less than one mile from Remlinger's proposed concert location. My neighbors and I already hear the steam train whistle and amplified music for "private parties," and are caught in traffic from Remlinger's expanding entertainment activities.
   When I moved to the peaceful Snoqualmie Valley nine years ago, I did not expect to someday be driven from my garden into my home during the summer, or to be driven from our property entirely by loud amplified music.
   Yet, the issue here is bigger than our neighborhood impacts. It is whether the rural character of the lower Snoqualmie Valley will be destroyed by one large property owner who can sway the local government of this small town to the detriment of those of us who live in or visit and enjoy the Snoqualmie Valley.
   A Public Hearing on this proposal that was currently scheduled for June 4, 1997 was cancelled. Please let the City of Carnation know of your concerns by calling (425) 333-4192, before the Last Valley in King County becomes the "lost valley."

Laura C. Casey, Carnation