JUNE 2, 1997

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Outrage at Medalia's action

employee terminated In 1982, Ted Ritter brought a much-needed service to the city of Duvall. He started the Duvall Family Health Clinic, and soon built a new building for his business on Valley Street. Before that time, the citizens of Duvall had to travel out of town for medical attention.
   Ted is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, and even though he does not have the title of "doctor," he has far more knowledge in many areas of medicine than many that do. He was a cubmaster for the Boy Scouts for six years and a highly respected member of the Duvall City Council.
   One of his more important roles is that of a volunteer with Fire District 45. I doubt that even he could count the many hours he has been out on emergency runs serving our community. He provided not only excellent care, but a sense of comfort and concern, as well. I know from first-hand experience, since he came to my husband's aid more than once.
   How can people like Ted just be discarded? I am a patient of Ted's, and when I phoned to speak to him recently, I was shocked to hear he was no longer with Medalia. He had been terminated. When Medalia took over the Duvall Family Health Clinic in 1995, I was assured that there would be no changes in staff and Ted would continue his practice there. More doctors would be added and the services expanded. Instead, as I understand it, there will be only one doctor to serve our rapidly growing population.
   I feel a sense of outrage at the way Ted Ritter has been treated. It took several years for him to build up his practice and in a matter of days, it's all gone.
   I urge all of you who are patients of Ted's, or a recipient of emergency care, to write to Medalia and ask for his reinstatement. His many years of devotion, service, and commitment should not go unnoticed. Be there for him. He was there for us!
   Address letters to: Medalia Health Services; 600 University, Suite 1200; Seattle, WA 98101, Attn.: Sandra Rorem, CEO.

Ruth Subert, Duvall