JUNE 2, 1997

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The Gipsy Kings and Kenny G to perform in Woodinville

Kenny G

Gipsy Kings

Kenny G.

The Gipsy Kings (left to right): Paco Baliardo,
Francios Canut Reyes, Nicolas Reyes,
Diego Baliardo, Tonino Baliardo, Patchai Reyes,
and Paul Reyes.

summer concerts The Gipsy Kings will open the Summer on the Green concert series at Chateau Ste. Michelle this Friday night, followed by Kenny G performing on Saturday and Sunday nights.
   Rated in the Top Ten in more than a dozen countries, selling more than 3 million albums in the US alone, receiving fifteen Gold and Platinum record awards and playing to sold out concerts world-wide, the Gipsy Kings' fast acoustic guitar strumming and passionate vocal sounds are well-known. There are the only non-English-speaking band reaching such acclaim in the U.S., singing in the Gypsy dialect of Gitane.
   The seven-man band consists of brothers and cousins from tightly-knit Gypsy communities in Arles and Montpelier in the south of France with a sound described as "Rumba Flamenca." Lead singer Nicolas Reyes is the son of famed Flamenco singer José Reyes, who, with Manitas de Platas, sold millions of records in the '60s and '70s.
   The Gipsy Kings' 1987 hit single, "Bamboleo," put them in the forefront. They first appeared in concert in 1988. Their albums (Mosaique, Allegria, Este Mundo, Gipsy Kings Live, and Love & Liberté) have been steady hits and they were Billboard's #1-charting World Music Artist and #1 Latin Artist of 1994. The Best of the Gipsy Kings and Tierra Gitana are two other albums.
   Seattles' own Kenny G's distinctive sax sound has resulted in top of the charts albums and singles, Grammy, Billboard, and American Music Awards, and sold-out tours.
   Kenny G performed at the 1993 Presidential Inauguration, the 1996 Democratic National Convention, and was named to the list of the 25 Top Selling Artists of All Time after eight of his albums sold over 36 million copies worldwide. His musical style, described as smooth, soulful, melodic, and romantic, is reflected in his jazz/rhythm and blues/pop songs.
   "My inspiration comes from many different places and at very unexpected times. That's the beauty of creativity. I feel that really experiencing the moments of our lives is the only way to really live," said Kenny.
   After his mother rented him his first saxophone, Kenny played in his school bands. His high school band director got him his first professional job as sax soloist for a Barry White show in Seattle when he was just 17 years old. At the University of Washington (1974 -1978), Kenny played with a local soul group called Cold, Bold & Together. At 22 years old, Kenny Gorelick joined Jeff Lorber's band and toured the USA. While on tour, Arista Records presented the idea of a Kenny Gorelick solo album to Lorber.
   His debut album, Kenny G, was recorded in 1982, followed by G-Force and Gravity. Duotone's "Songbird" went to #4 on the Billboard Pop Chart. Silhouette produced the popular "Silhouette." Breathless broke chart and sales records and stayed at #1 on the Contemporary Jazz Chart for more than 100 weeks and made history by becoming the #1 Instrumental Album of all time. Forever In Love earned him a Grammy Award.