JUNE 9, 1997

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How about a merger?

Bothell & Woodinville In the news, we hear and read about mergers a lot lately. Here is an idea. I am sure readers of the Woodinville Weekly will write! How about a merger between Bothell and Woodinville?
   Bothell population is about 35,000 and Woodinville 6,915. So, it still will be a small town. The two, B and W, can share buildings. B has a manager--that will save a lot of time and money. B has a full-time police corps, but needs a new building. The name can be changed, to BothVille or WoodHell. Remember last winter, Woodinville had only 1 tiny snowplow? We should be realistic and down to earth with the taxpayers' money, and as a larger city, have more to say in the development of this part of King County.
   A couple of weeks ago, we received a letter from the Woodinville Water District. They were sorry that they had not included the blocks in Kingsgate for a refund. The city of Woodinville is now paying for the street lights!! So after 3 years, the Woodinville Water District discovered that a couple of blocks of houses are in Woodinville!

C. de Boer, Kingsgate