JUNE 9, 1997

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Corporate downsizing has come to Duvall

Ted Ritter When Ted Ritter sold his medical practice to Medalia a few years ago, it was with the understanding that he would stay on as an employee. He would continue to see his patients and would get paid a regular salary. Patients would have access to a network of healthcare if needed. It seemed to be a win-win situation for all. Now big medicine has decided to downsize. "Don't take this personally, it's just business." Ted is no longer needed.
   If you have lived in Duvall for awhile and you hear someone talking about "Ted," there is little doubt who they are discussing. Ted is the nurse practitioner, the volunteer firefighter, the battalion chief, the scout leader, and the former city councilman. Ted is a giving man who cares about his community.
   Ted's title may be nurse practitioner, but my family considers him our doctor. Ted has often had interns working under him. His peers respect him. He was invited to Washington, D.C. by Mrs. Clinton to speak on health care. Ted took care of the sick in the valley before the motivation was profit.
   Let the corporate leaders at Medalia know that we will decide who we want to take care of our families. Let them know that they cannot ignore the will of the people.

Sandra Allen, Duvall