JUNE 9, 1997

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Seahawks are a value to the community

Seattle Seahawks Let me add to the debate over the value of a professional football team to a community. Thanks to the generosity of the Seattle Seahawks' offensive line, pediatric patients and families at Evergreen Hospital Medical Center will have a wonderful new playroom to help take their minds off being in the hospital. The players are donating money to build the playroom based on their performance this season. This is not something the Seahawks had to do ... it was something they wanted to do to help local children.
   Members of the offensive line also spend part of their Saturdays signing autographs at Evergreen's community health fair. I wish you could have seen the excitement and joy on the faces of the youngsters as they met these men, talked with these people who were interested in them, and had their pictures taken with leaders who understand the value of a smile to a child.
   Is this a community value? I think so.

Andrew Fallat, Chief Executive Officer, Evergreen Community Health Care